Apps we use

Everyday Apps transform the world of work!

We are living at a time when technology offers quick access to information, knowledge workers and each other. We use these apps almost everyday at den Consulting:

• For Customer Service we use HelpScout .
Slack for dispersed project team management.
Google Apps, Dropbox and Adobe Creative Cloud for business admin and creative support.
• For accounting, time tracking and invoicing we use FreshBooks.
 Fastdue for cloud based business contract management.
• And for help with customer sensing projects we use Survey Monkey.

Social Side

• On Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram we share interesting business discussions and artistic finds.
• Facebook lets us share interesting reports on HR Trends, Career Planning and Digital Project Management. If you “LIKE” the den page, you’ll see our postings in your Facebook message thread.

How we Invoice

• Payment for services is required before commencing work.
• We track hours of work using FreshBooks (we can accommodate your special time tracking requests too)
• For ongoing support, an invoice is sent to clients by email on the 15’th of each month. Fees’ are based on the plan selected or the hours and rate discussed.
• For ongoing support, account payment is required by 28’th for services commencing on the 1’st of the following month.
• All services are subject to GST


• We prefer to be paid by e-transfer, a simple, cost-effective and safe way to pay or be paid when working online.
• To learn more about e-transfer follow this link:
• To see an example of the steps involved to process an e-transfer payment, have a look here:  INTERAC e-Transfer Send Money for Businesses
or contact your bank and ask about their e-transfer services.

Still a few more questions? Click here to check out our frequently asked questions.