Apps we use

Our Online World makes Virtual Work possible; some really great business tools are out there!

• We use Fastdue to manage our business contracts. This software is cloud based and makes contract management easy!
• We also use Survey Monkey to manage our HR Customer Sensing activities.
Google Apps and Dropbox for cloud based solutions and FreshBooks for accounting, time tracking and invoicing.

Social Side

• On Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram we share media related and artistic finds.
• We hope that you will “LIKE” our Facebook Page because this is where we share important stories, statistics, trends and short-cuts with our friends and business associates.

How we Invoice

• Payment for services is required before commencing work.
• We track hours of work using FreshBooks (we can accommodate your special time tracking requests too)
• For ongoing support, an invoice is sent to clients by email on the 15’th of each month. Fees’ are based on the plan selected or the hours and rate discussed.
• For ongoing support, account payment is required by 28’th for services commencing on the 1’st of the following month.
• All services are subject to GST


• We prefer to be paid by e-transfer, a simple, cost-effective and safe way to pay or be paid when working online.
• To learn more about e-transfer follow this link:
• To see an example of the steps involved to process payment this way have a look here:
or contact Royal Bank directly and ask about their services, click here to visit their website.

Still a few more questions? Click here to check out our frequently asked questions.