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Beautiful Quotes!

Have something important to say?

Photo quality creative quotes look so nice on the web. Here are three links to easy apps that will help you generate your own high quality masterpieces.

  1. ReciteThis
  2. QuotesCover
  3. Notegraphy

Beautiful Creative Quotes
































Example from each system, notegraphy pinned on pinterest






Cloud-based Graphic Design and Photo Editing softwares


Graphic Design Tools

If you need to polish some images or do a little graphic design work, check out these free applications 🙂


Or, connect with DEN and we’ll help you get your projects rolling along 🙂

Facebook Dimensions 2014

We are always updating Facebook Covers and Facebook Pictures.
Here is a quick reference to save time:

  • Cover Image:  851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.
  • Profile Image:  160×160 pixels
  • Highlighted Storyline Images:  843 x 504 pixels.
  • Timeline Images :Landscape – 403 px wide and 504 px tall.and Portrait 504 px high and fit the image within the box