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Unlock your career potential with personalized Career Check-in sessions featuring expert guidance in reflective job search strategies, resume building, cover letter crafting, and LinkedIn optimization.

Career check-ins can strengthen your resilience and proactively prepare you to navigate unforeseen career challenges and economic shifts.

Stand out in a competitive job market with my assistance. I’ll offer valuable tips to elevate your interviewing skills, enhance engagement with the interviewer, and strengthen your performance during mock-interview sessions, positioning you as an ideal future employee for potential employers.


  • 30 Minute Sessions $50+GST
  • 45 Minute Session $75+GST
  • 60 Minute Session $100+GST

Getting acquainted will start with some basic questions focused on your career experiences and some reflective exercises. Through discussion we’ll explore your passions and look for opportunities to align them with your career.

The path ahead will have meaning and emphasize the things that matter to you. It will energize you across all career stages, from early career years to your 60s and 70s.

  • Career Reflection and Change Management, Challenge Mindset
  • Interview Prep and Targeted Mock Interviews
  • LinkedIn Profile Critiques
  • Resume and Cover Letter Critiques

To get started, Book a Meeting with a Career Counsellor

Pick a mission not a major and craft a path that excites you. I’ll guide you toward career clarity through discussions, self-reflection, reflective writing and networking activities.

Package Pricing

  • Five 45 Minute Career Coaching Sessions for $299+GST

The package is ideal for High School Students, Undergrads and Career Changers exploring a path forward.

We’ll start by discussing your experiences, strengths, and interests and we’ll work toward creating deeper self-awareness.

You don’t need all the answers now, but your input is crucial to moving forward. 

  • Career Exploration – Challenge Mindset – Coaching
  • Social Media Review and LinkedIn Planning
  • Resume and Cover Letter Critiques
  • Interview Prep and Targeted Mock Interviews

To get started, Book a Meeting with a Career Counsellor

The goal will be to help you present your best self on paper, to attract desired career opportunities and make your application stand out from the crowd.

We can work on improving your Resume, Cover Letter, or LinkedIn profile. You will leave with specific actionable steps, to help you create a cohesive career brand profile.

This package is ideal for a client who knows what work they would like to pursue and would like assistance with their career materials to present a well organized, career brand to share with prospective employers.

Package Pricing

  • One 60 Minute Critique Session $200+GST

Before we meet you will need to provide your current documents, I’ll review them and provide concise feedback during our meeting.

If you find you need more direction later, just book a Career Check-in.

Job seekers that practice their interview skills with a professional end up performing with greater confidence, competence, and calm during actual interview sessions.

Package Pricing

  • One 60 Minute Mock Interview Session $200+GST

Before we meet you will send a copy of:

  • the Job Advertisement
  • your Resume and Cover Letter
  • and a link to your LinkedIn profile

Once received and the date is booked, I’ll review the job opportunity, the employer industry and prepare behavioural interview questions for your target session.

When we meet we’ll talk about your career goals and then I’ll provide some general guidance and  start the session. I’ll be the recruiter, and you’ll develop your skills as we work through the session. You’ll leave with some homework and a much deeper understanding of what you need to do to sell your value to the potential employer.

After working with me, when the day arrives, you’ll feel prepared, you’ll have clear experiences to discuss and you’ll position yourself strongly in the  candidate pool.

If you find you need more mock sessions, just book a Career Check-in and we can plan additional sessions.

A B2B Partnership can offer a strategic and collaborative advantage.

If you want to improve engagement, enhance satisfaction, reduce turnover, we can work on this.

  1. We will audit, update and map skills for every Role
  2. Clarify critical skills across your organization.
  3. Gain a comprehensive understanding of employees’ skills, capabilities, and potential that are not necessarily reflected in their current job descriptions.
  4. Develop a succession plan that aligns employee talents with strategic business goals, ensuring that the right people are in the right roles to drive organizational success.

You’ll gain a holistic view of jobs and skills, reduce fragmentation, and enhance clarity throughout the talent planning process.

A Career Coach goes beyond traditional HR, looking at the whole person to enhance engagement and retention. By understanding strengths, values, interests, and personality, a career coach can help  individuals bring their authentic selves to work, aligning them with the values and beliefs of their roles for sustained engagement and company loyalty.

Ready to optimize your workforce and drive business success? Call 519-240-5053 or Book a Meeting today to discover how a Managed Service Partnership with den Consulting can transform your organization.

I work collaboratively with Clients, Entrepreneurs, Multi-site Designers, Developers & Marketing Teams across time zones.

Digital Project Coordination

  • Client Management Services
  • Coordination of Digital Content Implementations
  • Manage Schedules and Budgets
  • Manage Developer Resource Allocations
  • Monitor and QA Tune Project Deliverables
  • Custom Web Applications, Dreamweaver, WordPress, JavaScript, Java, Python

Project Leadership

  • Project Management/Ownership
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Innovation via Work Process Owner Interviews, Customer Interviews (i.e., Meeting Facilitation)
  • Before/After Documentation, lessons learned
  • Presentations
  • Project Tracking and Reporting

Package Pricing

  • Full Rate of $100+GST Hourly
  • Pay as you Go: A 2 hour minimum booking fee is required for all pay as you go service requests.
  • Retainers: Discounted pricing available for dedicated, locked-in monthly hours for your projects.Three retainer options to choose from:
    • Option 1 – 8 Monthly hours (15% discount on rate)
    • Option 2 – 8 Weekly hours  (20% discount on rate)
    • Option 3 – 40 Monthly hours (30% rate discount)

*den Consulting is open to negotiating special rates for long term partnerships.

Please book a meeting or Send an Email to to get started.

Hours of Work are Monday to Friday, 930AM – 4:30PM Eastern Time Zone.

Invoicing & Payment for Services

  • Payment for services is required before commencing work.
  • Payment is expected through e-Transfer.
  • All services are subject to GST.
  • Hours of Work on Project Management and Analyst Retainer Services are tracked via FreshBooks. I can accommodate your special time tracking requests too.
  • Prior to each upcoming retainer period I will send a monthly invoice by email, payment will be due within 7 days of invoicing.